Yorkshire Artists


artMart represents the following artists based in Yorkshire (UK)

Douglas Binder
DOUGLAS BINDER is one of Yorkshire’s most reputed artists. He is artist in residence and curator, Dean Clough Gallery Halifax.
Oil paintings and giclée prints

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Lois Brothwell
LOIS BROTHWELL’s series of lively, funny, bold acrylic poster-prints of model and muse Suki are bursting with narrative, emotion and fun.

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Sam Dalby RP
Award-winning SAM DALBY RP, member of the UK’s elite Royal Society of Portrait Painters, accepts commissions. See also his large still-life paintings.

NOTE: works by RP artists are an investment

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Jane Fielder
JANE FIELDER, a popular urban-landscape artist and gallery-owner, is looking for a mutually beneficial exchange. She’d like to paint Shanghai!

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Steve Huison
Artist-actor STEVE HUISON gets commissions from UK TV personalities for his fantastically skilled portraits. He is happy to work from your photographs.

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‘Feral Illustrations’
Feral illustrations is the pseudonym of a Bradford fashion illustrator who produces posters of stylised beautiful women and unframed limited-edition giclee prints of animals.

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Anna Lambert
Fine artist ANNA LAMBERT’s starting point is the landscape of rural England. Anna exhibits her work in prestigious London galleries. Her medium is ceramics.

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Chris Murray
CHRIS MURRAY’s small, traditional oil paintings are characterised by English reserve and below-the-surface intensity, reminiscent of artist Walter Sickert (early 20th century British avant-garde).

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Phil Moody MA
Phil’s expressive, gesture-drawn nudes have the dynamic qualities of rhythm and dance. You can see he’s a professional rock musician.

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Helen Peyton
Rising star HELEN PEYTON’s litho-prints of domestic objects are fashionably retro and regularly included in the UK’s top annual print exhibition at the prestigious Royal Academy. As Leeds Gallery‘s ambassador, she’d like to connect with Shanghai-based print-makers.

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Bill Parker
BILL PARKER M.A. paints icons of Hollywood’s 1940-50s film-noir era, plus bold large-scale gestural drawings of nudes on unframed canvases.

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David Thomas
For quintessential Englishness see DAVID THOMAS’s small, quiet ‘still life’ oil paintings. His work reminds us of the socialist-intellectual aesthetic of mid-20th century English modernism.

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Janey Walklin MA
Janey’s edgy, intimate, small-scale limited-edition prints are laden with dark psychological narratives

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