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Seeking Shanghai opportunities for Yorkshire artists

Offering Shanghai artists introductions to independent Yorkshire galleries

NEWS Our most exciting achievement so far has been to support Jane Fielder in coming to paint Shanghai and to arrange an exhibition for her at Gallery 8 close to the Bund. Read all about it here. You can see Mikes video short recording her visit here.

Why ​Yorkshire ​?
​A​ top destination for Chinese students​, ​this​ northern English region ha​s​​ a population numerically similar to the city of Shanghai. Yorkshire has​ ​characterful, dynamic, post-industrial cities and breathtaking, rugged​ landscapes. The universities of Fudan and Leeds have a long-standing relationship. ​Yorkshire is as multi-cultural as London and New York​.

Why Yorkshire Art?
Internationally famed 20th century ​Yorkshire ​artists​ include​ ​​Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Andy Goldsworthy, David Hockney​ and​ William Etty​.​ A distinctive ​’northern grit’ is in these artists’ nature. Yorkshire artists do their own thing and go their own way, unswayed by cynical trends and the homogenising influence of the London art scene. We are proud to represent the best of ​them!

Why Shanghai art?
The biggest city in the world is seething with artistic talent, and we know how difficult it is these days for new, unknown artists to ​find places to show their work. We are on the look-out for work which we feel may do well in the northern English market. We will be delighted to introduce up-coming Shanghai artists to our Yorkshire gallery-owner colleagues.

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