Jane Fielder


NEWS: Jane visited China to ‘paint Shanghai’ between 7th and 27th April 2015. The visit was a great success. Read all about it, see her pictures and see photographs of her exhibition here. Mike’s video short recording her visit can be seen here.

Jane FielderJane’s light-hearted, colourful watercolours of beloved Yorkshire towns, cities and landscapes earn her a good living and are well-loved in the region, while her inked figure-drawings of nudes and responses to poetry are more edgy and experimental. Jane’s work ranges through huge acrylic canvases to small framed prints. Jane likes fun, flowers, people, and more fun: see this video of Jane painting in public by special commission in London’s famous Trafalgar Square. As a gallery-owner herself, Jane is interested in​ ​mutually beneficial ​exchange opportunities with Shanghai artists / galleries.

Jane’s gallery is in Bingley, West Yorkshire (UK). (See the Bingley Gallery page here.)

See her website and watch photographer ​Bel’s Life Room​ ​4-minute video of Jane​ at work here.






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