Jun 222015

IMG_7141a_smWe have had two very successful events over the last two weeks here in Shanghai.

On 6th June there was the book launch where Sue read from Kunst and Thin Bones Like Wishbones. This event included the first public viewing of Still Life, an eight minute film short based on Suki the life model’s autobiography A Small Life. A fascinating discussion ensued amongst the forty to fifty members of the audience which included artists and three others who had modeled.


At the second event, Under the Gaze then received its first performance in Shanghai on 20th June. It has previously been performed at Delius Art Centre, Bradford, UK (2012), Swindon Literature Festival, UK (2013) and Grassington Festival, UK (2013). This performance was as successful as the previous ones with an enwrapped audience.

IMG_7142a_smThanks are due to the artists who produced some amazing work in very dark conditions and agreed for their work to be displayed. A writer also spent the whole of the performance writing, using the performance, the environment and the whole experience as a stimulus for his creative writing.


Thanks also to Kader who helped get the event off the ground, to Shin Yi who helped with the organisation and to the staff of Kulou for all their help in enabling the event.


This is not to mention those of the audience who stayed behind afterwards to discuss the event and continued into the small hours of the morning at Gilligans later.


Thanks again to all who came along and helped make the evening such a success.

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 June 22, 2015