Ingrid Stephenson


Objects originate and evolve over time, even millennia, and yet ultimately return to what they came out of. ARCHAOS explores the duality of creation and decay. It’s about the evolutionary process, the evolving complexity and intricacy and sophistication of what is created, alongside the decay, destruction, dismantling, reduction of all things back to their origin.

Artist Ingrid Stephenson says: “I do what I do because I enjoy the process of making. I live close to the land and the sea and use what I find there. I like to look forensically at a found object – peel it back, identify what processes or treatment it has undergone; whether it has been hammered or worn. I like to see how things degrade. My subject-matter tends to be bleak because my materials include dead things, bone, metals, and things in the process of decaying. Sometimes there is a dark humour in decay.”

Ingrid will be exhibiting ARCHAOS I at Jane Fielder‘s Bingley Gallery from 7th June – 1st July 2018.

‘ARCHAOS II – the art of evolution’ will be exhibited at the Gallery on the Green from 7th July.

Sculptures and wall-hung works by Ingrid Stephenson relating to her installation ARCHAOS II will be exhibited at 6 Commercial Street, Settle, BD24 9HP on the weekend of 7th/8th July as part of the Three Peaks Arts Art Trail.


8 inch circumf_A_SM   19x9 inch_A_SM   18x24 inch, 'Swatch' series, mixed media inc found objects_A_SM
8x8 inch_A_SM   42x30 inch, 'Home from home' metal sheet & rust paint_A   36 x 42 inch metal sheet & rust paint 'Sparkle Street II'_A 20 inch mask_a