Moganshan Lu 1

Moganshan Lu 1 - photograph by Bel
Just outside M50.


M50 on Moganshan Lu - photograph by Bel
I visit M50 regularly. You can read all about it here and here. Some more photographs soon from Moganshan Lu and M50.

temple 2

Barbed wire at Longhua Temple, Shanghai by Bel

At the Longhua Temple.

temple 1

Bell by Bel at the Longhua Temple, Shanghai
At the Longhua Temple.

lines 2

lines2 by Bel - at the Himalayas Centre, Shanghai
It’s those lines again – at the Himalayas Centre, Shanghai.


lines by Bel at the Himalayas Centre Shanghai

– At the Himalayas Centre in Shanghai.

neon tubes

neon art installation
I’m not sure if this is by Fran├žois Morellet or not.

If not then it is certainly inspired by (copied from?) him. It was in the Himalayas Centre.

Inside the Himalayas Centre

Inside the Himalayas Centre - photograph by Bel
Inside it was still Gaudiesque. The colour and Chinese script are from a light show.


The Himalayas Centre - Gaudiesque? - by Bel
The Himalayas Centre is quite Gaudiesque inside and outside.

The architect is Arata Isozaki, known for his work on the Barcelona Olympics Stadium and Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art.

The Himalayas Centre

The Himalayas Centre, Shanghai, photograph by Bel
I passed this by chance on my way for a stroll round Century Park.